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One thing that you have to take into consideration with outdoor living is maintenance, what is your time worth? Yes, wood is cheaper but with our high desert climate wood just doesn’t make it unless you maintain it annually. If you spend a little extra to get 25-30 yrs of outdoor living with little to no maintenance is it worth the time you save sanding, sealing, staining/painting?

Even if your not financially ready, call around and get different quotes. Then you will have a general idea of what to save for.

Be vigil and do your research, the lowest bidder isn’t always the right selection. Always confirm with the Nevada State Contractors Board that the company you are choosing has there contractors license and they are insured and bonded. Check reviews, if possible, because they are priceless!

When you work in the outdoor living space industry, people immediately perk up when you mention what you do. I think it’s because most people dream of having an enjoyable outdoor living area. One of the most common things people ask is, “Just how much does something like this cost?”

An outdoor living space is a major renovation of your backyard. It will take a keen eye to custom design an area to look original to your home – an area that will enhance your living and be a space for entertaining and just relaxing after a long day at the office or a great weekend get away at home.

We take pride in making your dreams come true and will accommodate and build to your budget. Just remember… You can always add more on later!